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Sommelier at the service of wineries


The link between winemakers and sommeliers.

Working only for wineries with a common philosophy, my goal is to share the passion of the winemakers with sommeliers and to develop the distribution channel for new markets.

You are a distributor looking to add one of the wineries on your portfolio or, you are a sommelier interested in listing any of the wines, contact me for details. 



Weinviertel, Austria



About us

Sommelier at the service of wineries.

As a sommelier, my goal was always to share my passion alongside the philosophy of the wineries with guests.

Private Somm has the same vision by providing the link between the winemaker, supplier and sommelier.

As we understand the need and challenges of all aspects, we have established strong relationships with wineries around the globe.

All our winemakers understand that it is the pure essence of nature that gives greatness and uniqueness to their wine.  

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